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Vendor: The Groom’s Day

Hudson Valley Wedding Vendors

Today’s Hudson Valley Wedding Vendor feature is for the Grooms! Recently I had the chance to connect with James Bello, owner of The Groom’s Day, a professional travelling barbershop serving weddings in New York City, the Hudson Valley and beyond. I can’t wait to introduce James + his services to all of you.

James is a seriously skilled barber in New York City (fun fact – one of my 2021 grooms introduced us). His mother is a hair dresser and cut his hair growing up, but as he got older and (in his words) “pickier and pickier,” she taught him to cut hair himself when he was 14 years old – and he’s been doing that ever since.

After getting a bit bored the morning of his brother’s wedding, he ended up giving the everyone in the wedding party haircuts and beard trims, and just like that – The Groom’s Day was born.

Hudson Valley Wedding Planner Canvas Weddings Feature The Grooms Day Wedding Barber

James travels all over New York City, the Hudson Valley, and recently, to Florida to offer his grooming services for grooms and their wedding parties and families. He offers haircuts, beard trims, neck clean ups and styling so that everyone is looking their best on the day. The Groom’s Day is a 100% mobile operation, and he can perform his services in hotels, AirBNBs or anywhere where the groom and his party are getting ready.

His services make for a great wedding party gift, and offer a fun way for the men in the wedding to spend special, structured time together before the day gets rolling.

Hudson Valley Wedding Planner Canvas Weddings Feature The Grooms Day Wedding Barber

When it comes to wedding morning rituals, sometimes men get left out. Women on wedding days oftentimes have hair and makeup schedules, mimosas, matching wedding party robes and hours of group activity pre-ceremony. But the same programming doesn’t often exist for men, and James’ services are a way to give grooms some intentional, special treatment on their big days. “After all,” James says, “it’s the Groom’s day, too.” I couldn’t agree more.

Want to treat your best people to some incredible grooming on your wedding day? Reach out to James today!

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