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I’m the brains, heart + boots on the ground of Canvas Weddings, and I am so glad you’re here!

Wedding planning in the Hudson Valley isn’t just managing a few spreadsheets, sending emails to vendors, and working off a timeline on the wedding day - to me, it’s a relationship between me and my couples that is based on trust and knowing each other really, really well. 

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Owner + Lead Planner

Meet Corinne

Fun fact - That's me behind the wheel. Give me a golf cart on a wedding day and I will be in the center of my power.

In that time I’ve worked with hundreds of couples on their way down the aisle. In addition to planning weddings under the Canvas Weddings umbrella, I’ve also been a catering manager, sold wedding dresses, freelanced for florists and worn a ton of other wedding hats, and I bring all of that knowledge to my planning work.

I've been in the wedding business for nearly a decade.

My undergrad degree is in Communication, which is fitting because communication is my JAM. I’m a big believer in speedy responses to emails so you are never left hanging and keeping everyone (you, your vendors, your family, your wedding party) on the same page so the day seems to roll effortlessly.

which I have found is the perfect combination for wedding planning. With me on your team, things are going to get done, but in a way that keeps you from feeling overwhelmed. I do that by breaking the wedding planning process into manageable pieces, and taking things one piece at a time. I’m here to make your life easier, not harder.

I'm an email nerd + a spreadsheet queen.

I have a type A brain + a type B personality,

Some years ago I walked in your shoes and planned a wedding. And what I learned is that couples need HELP. They need someone who can be a safe and trusted outlet for their thoughts, concerns and wishes, and they need someone who knows them well enough to be able to act with their interests in mind before they even need to ask. The bottom line of every service I provide is that I have YOU in mind, and my goal is to be your advocate, confidante and cheerleader.

I lead
with empathy.

There are some things in wedding land that are always true: cash bars are tacky, open mic toasting rarely ends well, and having your dog in the wedding is such a good idea. But lots of things about weddings are optional, and I like to give my couples the freedom to see what fits their style. Not into receiving lines? We won’t do one. Is cocktail hour your favorite part of a wedding? We’ll do 90 minutes of pure cocktail hour glory, or even make the whole wedding one giant cocktail hour extravaganza.

Wedding planning should be FUN, and nothing makes me happier than when I get to laugh and enjoy the company of my couples. So, let’s throw out the cookie cutter, get to know each other, get some stuff done and plan the best wedding you’ll ever go to over a pitcher of margaritas.
My treat.

I think outside
the box.

I like to
have fun.

am a total introvert!

Most people don't know that I:

the enneagram + crime podcasts

My nerdy obsessions:

any lime based cocktail

My happy hour go-to:

the minutes just before the ceremony

My favorite part of a wedding is:

Tiger King + Parks + Rec

My recent Netflix binges:

Lizzo + LCD Soundsystem

My go-to office jams:

FUn Facts
with corinne








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Nearly a decade ago, I got married to my husband John. I don't really talk about it much, because I'm not really proud of how I planned it.

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The #1 question I get asked when I meet new people is "have you worked with any Bridezillas yet?" It's a well meaning (albeit slightly ignorant) question, but to me it signals the fact that "Bridezilla" is such a common concept that people think of it as soon as they hear "wedding." And I'm over that.

I'm Done with "Bridezilla"

Our Values

Canvas Weddings believes that love is love, and does not discriminate on the basis of orientation, gender, race or religion. All couples are welcome in the Canvas Weddings Family. You can read more about what we stand for below.

- Yvonne, Bride

"The planning process was really a minimal source of stress, even in the week leading up to our wedding."

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