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Over the past 10 years I've planned hundreds of weddings all over the US. My planning style is efficient, creative and collaborative, so get ready to get some things DONE, throw out the cookie cutter and make some wedding magic with some real wedding ARTISTS. 

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Our Values

Over the past week I have been listening, reading and reflecting about racism, systemic oppression in America and what my role is in this system as a white woman and as a business owner.

The truth is I have not done enough, and I must do more.

Specifically, I’ve gained a lot of clarity this week on how I have fallen short of being anti-racist as a business owner. Last week I took a long and hard look at Canvas Weddings’ recommended vendor list, and it is almost entirely made up of businesses owned by white people. I have always considered myself an “inclusive” business owner who doesn’t discriminate against anyone, but one look at who I regularly recommend to my clients makes it painfully obvious that I have not been practicing that inclusion. I have not done enough, and I must do more. 

I am committing to expanding the network at Canvas Weddings. I will seek out and nurture relationships with Black business owners and see my vendor list grow in strength and diversity. I also commit to supporting businesses owned by Black people in the Hudson Valley, Catskills and beyond with my professional recommendations and personal patronage.

I am also committing to listening to and supporting Black voices calling for change in the wedding industry and the world, and I’d like to thank Terrica Skaggs (@cocktailterrica), Darryl Moore (@d.conceierge), Lattice Hudson (@latticehudson) and Monique Melton (@moemotivate) and so many others for spending so much time and skill creating forums, videos and resources to help lead and guide us in this work. I highly recommend checking out their sites and resources.

I welcome the accountability of my clients, colleagues and friends while I honor these commitments.

George Floyd’s life matters. Breonna Taylor’s life matters. Ahmaud Arbery’s life matters. Black lives MATTER. 

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