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Hudson Valley, Catskills + beyond

If Leslie Knope, Joanna Gaines + Lorelai Gilmore had a child…I think that would be me. I bring a lot of enthusiasm, a lot of beauty and my mile a minute mouth to my favorite thing - planning weddings in the Hudson Valley and Catskills in New York.

After over a decade planning hundreds of weddings, I can say one thing for sure - having the right planner in your corner is crucial.

How do you know if I’m the right planner for you? Read on.

Hi! I’m Corinne.
I’m so glad you’re here.


Your Hudson Valley Wedding Planner

elizabeth, bride

Best of all, she made our day a breeze with her incredible organization & people skills. On all counts (creativity, support, professionalism, value, the list goes on and on), Corinne earns an A+++

what you can expect

Corinne was supportive, diplomatic, and reassuring.


Weddings are wonderful - but they can also be incredibly heavy. Between family and friends not fully grasping your "non-traditional" vision, your inner monologue convincing you the location of your wedding will inconvenience your guests and a million and one little details - things can get pretty cloudy.
This is why I come from a place of emotional support. And I lead with getting to know you so that I can help you make decisions that are in your best interest.

Empathy and
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We’re Type A planners with Type B energy - we believe in getting a lot done, while keeping things exciting, peaceful, and fun along the way.​​​​​​​ 

Our expertise and logistical prowess give you the freedom to think outside the box. With us in your corner, you’ll never have to worry how your unique and original ideas will come to life.

Organization and
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Since 2012, I've planned hundreds of weddings. But it isn't just my wedding planning experience that will help me shape your wedding weekend -- it's a culmination of everything that came before.

My background is in theater direction and stage management, my education is in communication, and before I fully launched my planning career I spent time as a wedding gown consultant, catering director, paralegal and more.

Experience and
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Kat, Bride

an absolute rockstar.
Corinne was

...from first starting to plan in pre-pandemic times, to navigating a covid postponement,
to making sure day of everything went off without a hitch.

At Canvas Weddings, the bench is DEEP. Meet Annalise and Bonnie, our power-house team of Associate Planners, each with their own set of unique skills and magic to ensure that your wedding day is planned the Canvas way. 

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Bonnie J. Howland is our resident organization queen. An experienced project manager, Bonnie's super-powers include the art of the follow up, making sure everyone is on the same page, and meticuluous note-taking. 

Beyond that, Bonnie ALSO happens to be the human embodiment of sunshine. She's incredibly warm, friendly and caring, and will make sure that you and your best people are calm, collected and cared for on your best day ever. [Side note - ask her about "ca-cawww."]



She guided us step by step through important and easy-to-forget "to dos" throughout this crucial time, always prepared with talking points at our meetings. She was on top of our vendors with whom she frequently communicated, and alleviated us of the stress of assuring our plans were all set...all while remaining cool, calm, collected, and always smiling."

Bonnie was in touch, responsive, enthusiastic, and organized. 

about BONNIE 
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Annalise Capano brings some SERIOUS event experience to the Canvas Weddings team. A former catering director, Annalise knows what it takes to build an event from the ground up.

Her personality is as big as her hair, so if you're looking for your new bestie who packs a serious logistical punch, Annalise is your gal.


Jen + Mariusz

Not only was she amazing at managing all the details and proactively communicating with us, but she also brought a warm energy and great sense of humor to every call, which made every Zoom meeting so enjoyable with her."

It’s been three months since our wedding weekend and we are still saying how hiring her was one of the absolute best decisions we made.

What the clients say 


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