Original, adventurous + elevated wedding weekends in the Hudson Valley, Catskills + beyond. 

Hudson Valley, Catskills + beyond

Traditional Molds

Just about everything we do around here is custom. Not just in the look or feel of our weddings, but how we plan them too.

After we talk, you'll receive a personal proposal that includes the perfect amount of support for your wedding weekend. And a run down of each service you'll receive.

without discarding the fundamentals

brittany, Bride

regularly and clearly...
She communicated

We knew we were on track, but the comms weren't overwhelming. I always knew I could reach her and get a timely response, but often she was anticipating what I would need or might ask and would beat me to it.



Here is a small sampling of what we at Canvas Weddings can do for you. When booking a Full Service Experience, the sky is the limit! We are here to support you every step of the way.




Enjoy your engagement while we take on the heavy lifting of planning your wedding weekend. Along the way, we'll keep in constant contact via email, phone, and in-person or virtual meetings to answer any questions or concerns.

Financial forecasting, guidance, and tracking from your budget guru (aka Corinne) that honors your priorities and includes realistic numbers to keep budget creep at bay.

Preparation of the logistics including timelines, floor plans, load in/out procedures, etc., made with appropriate margins so that your weekend runs smoothly.

Design Board



Setting up your hotel room block and guest transportation, and assembly of your invitation suites and welcome bags so that your guests are well provided for.

Your design should serve the wedding, not the other way around. Our tried and tested design process helps you articulate your taste and ideas and takes those ideas from vision to reality.

A visual presentation that gives you an idea of how your wedding day will look through tones and color palettes, as well as specific florals, rentals, lighting, stationary ideas, etc.


Vendor Matchmaking

Creative Direction

A regimented action plan that involves an artistic process and step by step formula to ensure we successfully take your vision from concept to reality.

Hooking you up with creative vendors you'll love that meet your needs, style, and budget. Then, managing those vendors on your behalf before and during your wedding weekend.

While you hang out with your crew making memories, we'll fill the day with good energy and affirm how great everything is going. Should anything unexpected arise, we'll handle it.




Producing a seamless event while absolving you of any setup responsibility by managing a thorough (albeit scary to some) list of notes.

A full run through of your ceremony so that everyone involved knows what to do come game time. 

Commonly referred to as a "bridal attendant," one of my assistants will be with you and your party throughout the day to ensure you want for nothing.





We call this planning for the "final mile" of the planning process. Beginning at 3 months prior to the wedding date, we'll help you dot the Is, cross the Ts and make sure your vendor team is operating on the same page. The end goal? You (and your guests) get to kick back, relax and enjoy the wedding day you've spent so much time planning. From the ceremony rehearsal to the last dance of the night, we have you covered.

You've set your date, and maybe you've brought on a few vendors, but you're feeling stuck on what's next. Or maybe you're looking for a knowledgable partner to keep you on track. Either way, we have you covered! Partial Planning begins at the moment of booking and gives you unlimited email access and monthly calls with your planner to cover whatever you need, from timelines, to floor plans, vendor recommendations + more.


For couples who are a bit further along in the planning process or need hand holding during the final stretch, these offerings are for you. See below for a look at our Event Management and Partial Planning services, lead by our amazing team of Associate 
Planners, Bonnie + Annalise. 


Weddings are wonderful - but they can also be incredibly heavy. Between family and friends not fully grasping your "non-traditional" vision, your inner monologue convincing you the location of your wedding will inconvenience your guests and a million and one little details - things can get pretty cloudy.
This is why I come from a place of emotional support. And I lead with getting to know you so that I can help you make decisions that are in your best interest.

Empathy and
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We’re Type A planners with Type B energy - we believe in getting a lot done, while keeping things exciting, peaceful, and fun along the way.​​​​​​​ 

Our expertise and logistical prowess give you the freedom to think outside the box. With us in your corner, you’ll never have to worry how your unique and original ideas will come to life.

Organization and
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Since 2012, I've planned hundreds of weddings. But it isn't just my wedding planning experience that will help me shape your wedding weekend -- it's a culmination of everything that came before.

My background is in theater direction and stage management, my education is in communication, and before I fully launched my planning career I spent time as a wedding gown consultant, catering director, paralegal and more.

Experience and
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"Corinne has an eye for beautiful things and really pulled together a look that matched my vision. Even though I had pages of Pinterest boards, she still managed to show me new and inventive ideas."


from past clients

to showcase your couple-ness is spot on.

Her idea of your wedding as a

emily, Bride

There were
so many tiny nuances

She made it so that my family and I could head into the wedding day stress free and enjoy the whole weekend without worrying about a thing.

that corinne
juggled expertly.
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