The average engaged couple spends between 10 and 15 hours each week planning their wedding - which is basically an extra part-time job. Who's got that kind of time?

But here's the good news - you can plan the ultimate wedding weekend upstate complete with the perfect farm-to-table feast, killer tunes and meticulously designed paper goods without throwing all of your free time down the wedding rabbit hole.

Let's be Honest - you're busy.

Say hello to our 
full service Planning + design experience,

the ultimate time + sanity saver.

I'll build a budget that works for YOU - based on your priorities and built with real numbers from local vendors. We'll track your spending all along the way to keep budget creep at bay.

Your Budget Guru

All of our vendor contacts, budgets, contracts, timelines and planning notes will be stored in a convenient and easy-to-use online planning portal. 

The Planning Portal

We will meet on your schedule - whether that’s days, evenings or weekends. Unlimited email, phone and in-person communication is included, and I will act as the single point of contact between you and your vendors, so we can keep your inbox squeaky-clean.

Constant Contact

With my extensive network of top-notch wedding professionals, I hook you up with the best wedding vendors for your needs, style and budget. I deliver a carefully vetted short list of venues, caterers, florists, photographers, DJs, Bands and will negotiate the contracts before you sign.

The Dream Team

I’ll set up the hotel room blocks, book the guest shuttles to and from the wedding, assemble welcome bags, stuff and stamp the invites, collect RSVPs and make sure we have a way to get Grandma up the hill for the ceremony. 

Guest Experience

Let's make that Pinterest Board jealous. Even if you don't have crystal-clear vision for what the day will look like, I can help you craft an event that JUST your style.

Your Wedding Stylist

My master list of wedding details would probably scare most people, but the bottom line is this - I love a good spreadsheet, a to-scale floor plan and pages and pages of diligently taken and organized notes. 

Meticulous Detail

I’m onsite from the Rehearsal to the Rehearsal Dinner, Wedding Day and Farewell Brunch. With my trusty emergency kit in tow, I’m on hand to keep things on schedule, run the rehearsal, set up your personal items, keep an eye on the gift box and ensure our plans are executed perfectly.

All Weekend Support

How does this work?

I'm serious - the Canvas Weddings Full Service Planning + Design package has you COVERED. No endless hours of Google searching for the perfect venue or calling every remote inn  within a 50 mile radius to scout room blocks. Take a tour of the full service planning experience below.

Sounds good, right?

Let's do this thing

- Lindsay, Bride

"Corinne had this crazy ability to articulate everything I was feeling and envisioning when I struggled to come up with how to describe what I wanted. It's like she knew me better than I knew myself."

- Elizabeth, Bride

"She was supportive, diplomatic, and reassuring. Best of all, she made our day a breeze with her incredible organization & people skills. On all counts (creativity, support, professionalism, value, the list goes on and on), Corinne earns an A+++. "

- Bri, Bride

"I am not exaggerating when I say that Corinne made our day ABSOLUTELY everything we could have wanted and more! She brought my vision to life more than I could have even asked her to. Once she took the reins all the weight was lifted from our shoulders and we were ready to relish in the best day."

- Jason, Groom

"Her empathy, understanding and gentle behind-the-scenes work
was incredible and perfect."

- lyndsay, Bride

"She never missed a detail, kept everything on time and we never felt stressed or rushed. We literally wouldn't have changed a single thing about our experience working with Corinne."

We don't have one set location in place for elopements - part of the planning process will be to select where you'd like to have the event take place. We have lots of suggestions depending on your wants, needs and budget.

Where do the upstate elopements take place?

Quite a bit! You can choose your cake flavors, request certain colors/styles in the florals and add on extra touches if you wish, like tables + chairs, ceremony backdrops and more. We've done our best to make the process easy for you, but we also want your elopement experience to be your own!

How much can we customize offerings?

That's flexible! We are committed to following the guidelines set by the State and the CDC, but as long as we're following the legal limits for gatherings, you can determine your group size. However, more than 10 people will come with upcharges to account for a larger cake, more champagne, etc.

How many people can attend our ceremony?

Frequently asked questions

Yes! We believe love is love, and we do not discriminate against any couple on the basis of orientation, gender identity, race or religion. 

Are you all inclusive wedding vendors?

Our packages don't include a venue for the elopement. You can choose to select a formal venue for the occasion or a public park or trail - the location is up to you and we'll help guide you towards your best fit.

Is there anything not included in the elopement packages that we need?

Absolutely! If you want to host a small dinner for yourselves or your guests or increase the photography time, we can absolutely accommodate that. Extra fees will apply.

Can we add on additional hours and formalities?

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